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With gratitude to our funders and donors in 2015.

  • Administration for Community Living
  • Ms. Rosalie Angelo
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cohen
  • CT State Department on Aging
  • Michelle DiMartino
  • Ms. Marilyn Gainer
  • The Gilrain Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain
    • Ms. Alice Gilrain
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Klemick
  • Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg
  • Ms. Gladys Hairston
  • Ms. Natalie Hall
  • Mr. Richard Lavery
  • Ms. Gladys Lefebvre
  • Mr. Frank Minichiello
  • Mr. John Nelson
  • Ms. Colette Orszulak
  • Carol T. Parrish
  • David Skoczulek
  • Marti Stiglich
  • Ms. Janice Wallace
  • C.W. Wickersham III M.


Our volunteers, donors and the staff at NCAAA have an important impact on the community. Here are just a few comments from people we have worked with.

“The information I learned each week was of great value. Also, the discussions helped me a lot, and I was able to contribute to them. It is usually hard for me to participate in a group discussion. I know I need more practice [but] the friendships formed within the group are very helpful. I can’t say enough about wonderful the program is.”~ Sara B., Winsted, Live Well™

“I think [the Live Well™ work-shop] is successful. It touched different areas of our chronic ailments and helped us to realistically pay careful attention to our health, dealing with each problem in its unique way while we realize our limitations.”~ Merculine S., Live Well ™

“[The CHOICES Counselor] was excellent. She was very helpful, pleasant, informative, great to talk to and did everything she said.”~ Kathy M.

“The lady was so very much helpful and kind. Much appreciated. [Went] over and above.”~ Gladys L.

“This Thanksgiving, when I reflect upon that which I am most grateful for this year it has been CHOICES-but especially you [CHOICES Counselor]. Your kindness and great help has profoundly improved my quality of life. At a time when I felt totally alone and overwhelmed you ‘appeared’ – reminder that there are, indeed, angels among us.”~ Sandy K.

“I met with you today to discuss Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. I will turn 65 [this year] and my knowledge of Medicare is limited. I am writing to thank you for sharing with me all the information that you provided.…. you were articulate, knowledgeable and helpful and you were patient with my questions. The CHOICES organization should be proud that you represent them to such a level of excellence. I will recommend both you and the organization to my friends and family who are also turning 65 in the near future. You were able to calm my fears about Medicare and I felt as if I were talking with a friend. Thank you so much for your good work and kindness.”~ Laura F.

“Friendly, courteous, extremely helpful, knowledgeable—appreciated so much.”~ D.H.

“[CHOICES Counselor], has been so kind, patient and wonderful to me, an elderly, in processing my application and answering my many calls and questions. I am grateful for all of [her] knowledgeable help and I thank her.”~ Lillian B.

“My mother is going to the adult day program three days a week and seems to be enjoying it. What is remarkable is that after a couple of weeks at the program her mood improved tremendously and consequently it has been a lot easier for me to visit her. So thank you so much for enabling my mother to attend the program. It has made a big difference for all of us. We greatly appreciate the work that you do and the financial assistance. Thanks to you and all the people that you work with.”~ Jane R.

icon Enhancing the quality of life for older adults, individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.