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Money Follows the Person is a demonstration project administered by the Department of Social Services that is intended to aid in rebalancing Connecticut’s long-term care services system so that individuals have maximum independence and freedom of choice regarding where they live and receive support services.

An integral element of the demonstration is the transitioning of eligible persons from nursing homes to the community. NCAAA’s Transition coordinators provide person-centered one-on-one assistance with this process. They help individuals with directing community supports, navigating systems and accessing resources. Housing coordinators help locate apartments and acceptable living arrangements; rental assistance is available for those who qualify. Assistive technology is also available to enhance independence.

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Apply using the secure online application located at https://ctmfp.com.

In October 2008, the demonstration added a range of home and community-based services defined in the following waivers:

  • personal care assistance waiver
  • acquired brain injury waiver
  • elder waiver
  • mental illness waiver
  • independent family support waiver
  • comprehensive waiver

Applicants are screened to verify that they live in institutions and that they are approved for Medicaid or have a Medicaid application pending. Applicants who meet these criteria are forwarded to a transition coordinator and a needs assessment for community services is initiated.

icon Enhancing the quality of life for older adults, individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.