The Advisory Council of the North Central Area Agency on Aging cordially invites you to join us for a Public Hearing to share your comments on the agency’s DRAFT Area Plan for FFY 2022-2024.

AREA PLANS in Statute:

SEC. 306. (a) Each area agency on aging designated under section 305(a)(2)(A) shall, in order to be approved by the State agency, prepare and develop an area plan for a planning and service area for a two-, three-, or four-year period determined by the State agency, with such annual adjustments as may be necessary. Each such plan shall be based upon a uniform format for area plans within the State prepared in accordance with section 307(a)(1).

The priorities presented in the Area Plan will guide our funding strategies for the next three years. It is our intention that our Area Plan, once finalized, will become a companion piece to the CT State Plan on Aging in support of our shared goals of:

  • Long Term Services and Supports
  • Healthy Aging, and
  • Elder Rights

A copy of the plan will be available and posted just as soon as the State Unit on Aging gives final approval.